5 Reasons to Visit Our Dog Friendly Bar in Downtown Raleigh

Human & Dog FriendlyWhat Could Be Better

How many pet-lovers frequently point out how enjoyable their time out would have been if they could have brought their four-legged best friend along?

Well, there are Raleigh dog friendly bars that fix this issue! And The London Bridge Pub is one of them.

So, why bring Fido or Princess along, you ask?

1. The Companionship

Sometimes our human friends have busy schedules, and we don’t necessarily want to partake in activities alone. Bringing along a pet can help ease one’s anxiety and help one feel more natural in social settings. Dogs are one of the best ‘ice-breakers’ to meeting new people, as well.

2. The Mood Boost

Not too many people abstain from opportunities to cuddle and awe at an adorable pooch, and such a visitor can instantly make the room or event more vibrant. Our Raleigh dog friendly bar carries a special glow and energy when our patrons bring their “best friends” with them to soccer matches, events, private parties, or to just hang out on the patio.

3. You Improve Your Dog’s Day

It’s sad sometimes when you consider how often a dog may have to stay at home alone while his or her owner goes on adventures. Instead of leaving your dog in a quiet dark house or worse, their crate, you can bring them to a dog friendly bar in Raleigh like ours that will give them the opportunity to have a good time with you, meet… sniff other dogs and just plain have fun!

4. You Can Socialize Your Dog

Shy rescue animals or puppies may not get too many chances to get more acquainted with humans other than their owners or other dogs. In our Raleigh dog friendly bar, we give you a comfortable, chill environment in which your pet can choose to interact with all sorts of different pups and humans—with you right by their side.

5. You Can Relax

Responsible pet owners all know that you have to make sacrifices with your schedule in order to arrange potty breaks and important one-on-one time. When you can simply bring your dog with you, however, you can wipe these concerns from your mind as you two enjoy the night together. Worrying about getting home at a certain time no longer has to plague your mind. You can finally let loose!

Come out to a dog friendly bar in Raleigh like The London Bridge Pub and see how fun it can be for both you and your furry companion!