3 Rules to Watching Soccer in a Bar in Downtown Raleigh

Where to Watch SoccerIn Downtown Raleigh?

Nothing beats watching a big match with your friends and cheering in your favorite team. Watching it from the bleachers is the ultimate experience, but rooting for your squad from the rowdy warmth of a sports bar or pub is a close second!

There’s just something about watching soccer in a bar with jersey-clad fans, making friendly wagers with patrons supporting the rival team and an endless supply of cold beer and energetic atmosphere that makes you feel alive.

So alive, in fact, that our emotions can get the best of us and the heat of the game can cause us to make fools of ourselves. Some people get kicked out, while others leave with wounds much more difficult to hide than a bruised ego. The next time you and your pals are watching soccer in a bar, follow these three rules (and use them to keep your friends in check) to keep the good times rolling for the ‘beautiful game’.

1. Don’t Get Sloppy Drunk

You’re watching soccer at the bar, so you shouldn’t be drinking like a fraternity pledge with something to prove. Limit yourself to a beer or two an hour and find fun in the match, not the bottom of a glass. Of course, feel free to douse your sorrows in a couple extra hot wings or a heaping order chili fries when the other team steals the goal, if food is available. Otherwise, like at The London Bridge Pub, hit up a local establishment or food truck and bring in your own food!

2. Be Kind to Rival Fans

A few good-natured jabs are one thing, but don’t be the guy who starts a legitimate bar fight all because someone doesn’t support the same team as you. It’s juvenile and spoils the game for everyone and you will be removed from the bar. If you happen to run into some jerks, just move your spot and resume watching elsewhere and never be afraid to talk with management if anything gets uncomfortable or out of hand. Soccer pubs don’t want the riff raff. And remember, the bigger man is usually the one who doesn’t always have a comeback.

3. Be a Team Player

When you’re searching for the best bars to watch soccer games, make sure that you consult with anyone coming along. Just because you love the same dive you’ve been attending since college doesn’t mean everyone else does. The best bar in Raleigh to watch soccer games is The London Bridge Pub on E. Hargett Street with a laid-back, non-competitive atmosphere that make everyone feel like winners, final score be damned. You’re sure to keep yourself and all your friends happy with choosing The London Bridge Pub!