4 Reasons Bars Offer Drink Specials

Deals & PromotionsDrive Customers

Bars survive by getting as many people as possible in the door — this is true for bars in big cities like Raleigh, NC and in tiny towns, in Europe, North America or Australia as well. An important method that many bars use is to advertise nightly specials, or drink deals that are only valid for a limited period of time or on specific days or the week.

Raleigh soccer pub, The London Bridge Pub, highlights reasons bars offer drink specials.

1. Customers Are Fickle

Particularly in big cities, there are so many choices for a night out — why choose one bar over another? Bars with drink specials have the edge among customers in this grouping because they stand out from the crowd. Bars that advertise 2-for-1 deals or ladies night promotions receive business from customers who are unsure about the direction of their night, visitors to town looking for a fun night, and random passerby walking down the street.

2. Deals Look to the Future

The key with drink deals is that they are not permanent. A savvy bar manager will woo clientele into the bar with fantastic deals, demonstrate the relative worth of the bar, and create a lasting relationship between the customer and the bar. Even if the drinks aren’t as cheap on Fridays as they are on Mondays, customers have a positive association to the bar because of the deal — regardless of whether it lasts.

3. Bars Often Have Excess Product

Bars with drink specials could possibly be looking to offload undesired alcohol. For example, bars that purchase lots of different beers may find that one variety is selling insufficiently — what better way to get rid of a keg on the verge of turning over than to offer a drink special pertaining to that beer? Nightly specials often serve more than one purpose for bar owners.

4. Bars Need an Identity

The fastest way to bankruptcy is to be a bar with no personality. Bars with nightly drink deals stand a chance to become “the” Thursday night bar, especially in smaller towns and mid-size cities. Bars with drink specials create a mythology around themselves that attracts customers through word of mouth and bolsters their reputation in the community. Well worth the minimal financial loss of a happy hour special!