The London Bridge Pub Shares Essentials for Any Successful Soccer Pub

Soccer Pub TipsTo Be A Success

Soccer pubs are the best places to watch a soccer game, some would even argue more fun than being at the stadium itself. However, several essentials for a successful soccer bar must be in place to really make it the go-to destination for those who want to watch soccer… in a bar and not on their comfy couch.

Sound for Games

To truly be a soccer pub, the sound system in the place needs to be turned to the games, especially the more important ones, the matches that have attracted significant numbers of people to the establishment. This also helps show that this sport is a focus as opposed to other sports events or music. There just something special and eloquent about the announcers color-commentary and their explosive energy when a goal is scored. It’s unrivaled by any other sport.

Live Matches

The more games that are broadcast live, the better, as people will go out of their way to watch soccer in a bar for an important live game, but they will not be nearly as apt to do so for a tape-delayed contest. Of course, matches can be rebroadcast during the day, but having the initial showing be live is always preferred, depending on the time of the day and the importance of the contest.


If you are heading to bars to watch soccer matches, you want to make sure that once you get there, you can, well, watch the match. Unfortunately, some places do everything else right except for this important step: making sure that televisions are numerous and placed so that a significant percentage of patrons can easily see one without having to turn around or otherwise sit awkwardly. And let’s not forget, it’s 2016, the TV’s must be HD or 4K quality to show the bright green pitch and colorful team uniforms and boisterous players’ shoes. You should want your patrons to almost feel like they are in the stadium.


To help create an inviting atmosphere for lovers of the beautiful game, scarves, photographs and other soccer memorabilia should adorn the walls and other areas of the pub. If you haven’t already, take a moment to check out the walls around our downtown Raleigh pub for some of our own memorabilia.

Supporters’ Groups

People who go to bars to watch soccer matches tend to want to see those games amidst other fans of their team. For that reason, it is usually in the best interest of a soccer pub to be a host institution for one or more supporters’ groups for club and national teams. At the very least, it should be the place to go to watch that country’s national team and any local professional clubs play all of their big games.

Here at The London Bridge Pub, we are proud supporters of our Liverpool FC Reds, the US Men’s National Team, the US Women’s National Team, our very own local Carolina RailHawks and major fan support group the American Outlaws of Raleigh and Oak City Supporters. Without creating a following and loyal fan and customer base, your soccer pub will not survive.

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