What Is So Interesting About Watching Soccer?

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How popular is the sport of soccer worldwide? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 265 million people are estimated to play soccer in one way or another. That’s 4% of the world’s population.
  • Soccer has a presence in over 200 countries, which is by far the most of any sport.
  • FIFA is believed to have made over $4.8 billion in revenue from the 2014 World Cup alone.

For as popular as this sport is, however, there are still a host of sports fans who simply don’t “get it.”

Many of these fans want to understand the appeal of soccer and enjoy the game with so many others, but just don’t quite see what makes it the world’s game. The beautiful game.

If you consider yourself to be in that group, then let’s take a look at the elements of soccer that make it the global force that it is.

All About The Build-Up

If you’re watching soccer on TV at a bar or at home, you’ll probably notice how the announcers sound ready to explode whenever the ball nears the goal. That’s because soccer is a game all about the tension between goals and the strategy that goes into plays. A big part of enjoying the game involves finding joy in that tension and the creativity in the strategy.

The Atmosphere

Whether you’re watching soccer on TV or watching soccer live, it’s hard not to appreciate the atmosphere of a game. Fans are passionate about this game and tend to express that passion through a variety of chants, calls and songs. If you can’t make it to a game, one of the best alternatives is to watch soccer in a bar populated by fans to soak up the full atmosphere to really understand what makes this sport so special and so different from all the others.

The Rivalries

Watching soccer live makes it easy to see that there are some clubs that just don’t like each other. Just like college football or basketball rivalries, these soccer rivalries generate a lot of buzz, smack talk and overwhelming amounts of energy. Soccer rivalries can go back dozens of years and are filled with incredible moments, stories and games. Take a look at some of the game’s best rivalries, and you’ll soon start to see why these games inspire the passion they do.

If you would like to get into the game more, be sure to come to The London Bridge Pub to watch soccer in a bar such as our downtown location and enjoy this global game with fun-loving, entertaining fellow fans.