Why Are Downtown Raleigh Bars Better than Suburb Bars to Watch Soccer?

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As you’re probably well aware, the suburbs don’t usually have much to offer in the nightlife department. There may be a few bars scattered between neighborhoods, but half of them have a kids’ menu and the others play nothing but a constant stream of early 2000s Top 40 hits.

You may find a diamond in the rough that becomes your new hotspot, but the same bar gets old after a while and you undoubtedly find yourself craving something new. That’s why when the next time the urge for a drink strikes, you should ditch the suburbs and head to downtown Raleigh and, more specifically, The London Bridge Pub which shows all of the major soccer games from the US to Europe including this Summer’s tournaments: Copa America Centario and UEFA Euro!

Now, we may bias, but admit it, watching a soccer game in a packed downtown Raleigh bar where you can feel the energy and passion is far better than sitting in a booth at a half empty local social spot to watch the big soccer matches.

Downtown bars offer:

More Diversity
Of course downtown bars have their regulars too, but they’re interspersed between a steady stream of new faces that come from various backgrounds. It’s not uncommon to see 20-something college students sipping cocktails beside a couple in their 40s, while all watching the major games of the week and weekend. There’s always someone to meet at a downtown bar, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from suburbs.

Better Atmosphere
There are a lot of bars downtown, so the competition is greater, but none host as many soccer games as The London Bridge Pub. This means that each place is trying its hardest to stand out in their own regard, which means most of them will have a set theme or some fantastic decor that is accentuated perfectly by a killer playlist or hourly drink specials. At The London Bridge Pub, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the games you come to watch since they carry all of the big soccer networks like BEIN or FS1 and FS2. You can visit several bars in the suburbs, but they may not be able to show your desired games for your favorite Club or International teams.

Better Drinks
We understand downtown Raleigh bar drinks might cost more, but that’s not always the case and so you should keep your options open to venture downtown to take in the aforementioned diversity of crowds, enthusiastic atmosphere and, more often than not, better made drinks. The hottest downtown bars like The London Bridge Pub have a competitive job market, which means that the novice or mediocre don’t make the final cut. Going downtown means you’ll get more bang for your buck, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see some pretty awesome bartender tricks too, while it’s halftime of your favorite soccer team playing.

Where Will You Go Next?
Spend the little extra money and time on gas even if it means cutting down on your drinking budget. The downtown bars are ready and waiting for you to enjoy. You may have to swap out your worn jeans for some nicer garb, but it’ll be worth it when you get to take in the vibrant atmosphere only the bars downtown serve up.